For over 20 years, I've anchored myself in Rockridge – a neighborhood in the blooming city of Oakland. And yet I make it a point to travel extensively around the nation for continuing education courses and workshops. From the classic to the avant-garde, I want to be thoroughly current in my hairstyling profession.

And I have reaped the rewards of such dedication to my craft – I have an outstanding overall 5-Star Review on the highly acclaimed Yelp rating system online!

I love the idea of whisking away my clients from the chaos of the outside world and into my tranquil seat at FUTURE: VANITY/NOVELTY. As I work on your hair, sit and contemplate. Relax and recharge. Give me the pleasure of updating your outside look to reveal your inner beauty.

With my 20+ years of experience as a full-time hairstylist, I've met hundreds of people from diverse backgrounds. My friendly, flexible nature allows me to work with a variety of different personalities. This, in turn, has created a wonderful, steady clientele for me. But what I value the most are the friendships I've acquired along the way.

To foster client relationships, I start each appointment with an in-depth consultation. I interpret your hair care needs through engaging dialogue, and the more questions you ask, the better! Each visit with me provides an exciting opportunity to feel better about yourself – even if it's just to maintain your last hairstyle. Confidence is key, and I make sure that every client feels secure with me so they can feel secure within themselves.  

Who's the perfect match for me? Those who are intrigued in exploring new ways to tailor and wear their hair. You're guaranteed quality from me, all I need is your trust in return.

Lastly, to achieve excellence, it takes time. A typical service with me is not just a wash, cut, and go. I consider my hair styling as an art form, which requires the utmost technique and precision. I greatly appreciate your patience – it helps me turn my artistic vision for you into a gratifying reality.

To my current clients, I thank you for our meaningful, long-standing relationships. And for those who are curious, I graciously invite you to visit me at my salon. You'll find more than just a talented stylist. You'll find the biggest advocate for your hair....