PLEASE NOTE: Where a price range is indicated – and if requested – I will provide a pre-service cost estimate as part of your hair consultation. I determine all final prices at the conclusion of your service. When summing  up pricing, I take into account the time spent, my product(s) used, and your hair texture/length.


starts at $15 / $75


hair color & highlights *consultation recommended: starts at $95+
balayage & flamboyage: starts at $125+
premium colors / vivid overlays are more costly: starts at $10
bleach overall: starts at $150
toners: starts at $40


hair treatment: starts at $15
keratin treatment: starts at $300 (spot treatments are less)
keratin express: starts at $60


brows tint / shaped: starts at $10
makeup application:
      full: $50
      add on eyelashes: $15


shampoo / blow-dry: starts at $35
styling / braids: starts at $15
updo's (non - bridal): starts at $65
brows tint / shaped: starts at $10


bridal *consulation required / trial & day: starts at $300
bridesmaid: starts at $85


  • Men's haircuts: There are many ways to get creative with men's hair. I often do razor cuts that leave the hair textured and full, without looking freshly cut. With longer hair, I create soft and shaped styles that keep the length. Scissor over comb cuts are short and tight for a defined shape. All grow outs are seamless. The cuts can be maintained for 4-12 weeks.
  • Women's haircuts: With women, I emphasize personalized hair layering to frame and flatter each face. Styles are endless – from beautiful bobs to fun flips, asymmetric cuts to shaggy layers. I expertly work with all hair lengths to achieve gorgeous, healthy-looking hair. All grow outs are seamless. The cuts can be maintained for 6-16 weeks.
  • Fringe trims: This is a special cut, just for the bangs. Various fringe cuts enhance this often overlooked, yet critical element of a hairstyle.

  • Kids' cuts: Kids have been a growing clientele for me because they are an extension of the families that I see. I offer reduced prices for kids according to their age.

  • Hair coloring: Haircolor is one of my biggest passions because of its endless possibilities and constant evolution. I design creative color treatments that are dimensional and cannot be achieved out of a box. I specialize in gray blending and balayage blonde highlights, which set the tone for various color combinations.

  • Smoothing treatments: As an add-on service, the Express Keratin treatments tame the frizz that can get in the way of attractive-looking hair. This remedy lasts for 4-6 weeks and can have a beneficial accumulative effect.

  • Product knowledge: FUTURE: VANITY/NOVELTY uses quality brands that lack the harsh, harmful ingredients which can damage hair. I can teach clients how to apply the products for a specific look, or for an existing haircare regime.

  • Special events: I enjoy working with local brides and for those wanting special event hairstyles. An in-person consultation is required prior to the event. My services are also available for on-site, local events such as networking parties.

  • Makeup artistry: In addition to being a hairstylist, I am a licensed cosmetologist. I apply makeup according to specific requests and can teach clients how to achieve the look(s) themselves.


As mentioned in my "About" section, I need a certain amount of time for working on your hair. I also don't rush myself because I use sharp tools, harmful chemicals, etc. Please allow a minimum of time for the following services:

  • Maintained cuts:  30 mins. – 1 hr.

  • Haircut recreation:  1 – 1.5 hrs.

  • Color touchup:  1.5 – 2 hrs.

  • Balayage / Highlights:  2.5 – 3.5 hrs.

  • Bleaching:  3 – 5 hrs.